Published 2023-06-18.

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Camera Wiki
Large database of information on cameras and lenses.
Snappiness, snappiness at YouTube
"I started snappiness to be a space for photographers like me who don’t buy into the culture of being discontent with wonderful and wonderfully outdated cameras. We focus on the joy of photography and excitement of finding the right shot, more than trying to keep up with the latest and greatest."
Pentafan (Google Translate)
A japanese fan site for digital Pentax photography. Contains a section with many interesting Custom Image presets.
In-depth vintage/manual lenses tests on digital cameras.


Vijay Sarathy, canvasoul at Instagram
"A self-taught artist from Chennai, Vijay Sarathy (b. 1995) documents the life around him through dream-like photographic compositions. Akin to mood pieces, his works reflect a state of mind and are often renditions of personal memories. His works often focus on motive landscapes - where the human subconscious with its fears, aspirations, melancholy, and joy is transliterated through the natural world."
liveactionhero at Flickr
Tokyo-based photographer, uses many vintage lenses coupled with Pentax cameras.
pepperberryfarm at Flickr member with many interesting photographs, shot with an extensive collection of equipment old and new.
hitoshiozaki at Flickr
Some of the best colours I've seen on digital photography.
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